As the internet keeps evolving so too has the designing of websites.  Not too long ago, websites were primarily designed for desktop computing.  Today, a website needs to be responsive, so it looks good on a cell phone,  a tablet, or a desktop computer.   

   Not only should your new website be responsive but it should be easy to maintain. With that in mind all of our websites are designed using the WordPress platform. WordPress had a built in content management system (CMS), that ensures you will be able to make changes to your website after it is built with relative ease

   WordPress is an open source community project where tens of thousands of talented people have made contributions to make it into a great software that it is today. Currently it is considered the most popular Blogging and Content Management System, used by over 75 million website owners.


Once the framework and design has been established, if needed, we will be show you how to to do the basics , like creating a new post or web page, adding your own content, and posting it live without ever knowing a single line of code!  That is the beauty of having a WordPress website, you are in position if so desired to take charge of managing all the content.

A few screen shots of the WordPress dashboard that you will be using.

Current websites under development

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